CuriousCore believes that continuous learning in a flexible and scalable manner is key to personal and professional empowerment in our ever evolving, technology driven world. This is why they are building one of the most impactful education institutions for the technology industry outside of Silicon Valley. 
CuriousCore asked Just Edo to help them strengthen their regional positioning and brand awareness in Southeast Asia by revamping the brand profile and brand identity. The new dynamic logo epitomises a lust for learning and the bright orange circles in the logo represent the inquisitive spirit which guides students and organisations through the journey of growing their careers and business. 
Just Edo developed the core identity principles and a host of example applications as shown here. CuriousCore’s in-house designer used our Brand Guidebook to create many additional applications such as Programme Brochures, Certificates, Course Guides, and marketing tools such as social media banners and ads.
« We’re grateful that the Just Edo team had a disciplined process in getting us to start with the ‘why’ first before establishing our brand pillars. This makes it easier for our marketing team to do brand building moving forward. »

Daylon Soh, founder and general manager at CuriousCore
Design team: FangTing Zheng, Edo van Dijk

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