Found8 is a network of innovation campuses where ambitious entrepreneurs and corporates find coaching, expertise, and partners to create future-ready solutions. With a proven track record of providing businesses the right solutions and networks for their continuing growth, Found8 is home to Singapore’s largest community of innovators.

In a creative opening workshop, we co-created personas, defined the brand positioning and drafted a brand vision board which was subsequently used to develop the new name, logo and visual identity.

The word ‘Found’ in the name expresses both the emotion and the pragmatism of starting, growing, and innovating businesses. The ‘8’ in the name originates from Collision 8, the co-working operator who merged with Found to become Found8. It represents the infinite value that can be found in the perfect combination of people and opportunities. In Chinese culture, the number 8 is regarded as the luckiest number, containing meanings of prosperity and success.
« For us, co-working is about putting people at the heart of innovation. Creating a supportive environment that accelerates growth and advances community. »

​​​​​​​Michelle Yong, Co-founder of Found8
« Our new brand needed to capture the essence of being part of our community - of courage, collaboration and a fierce passion for creating change in the world. We feel that Edo and his team have successfully captured that and more. »

Grace Sai, co-founder of Found8
Design team: FangTing Zheng, Dawn Mok, Kelvin Chow, Jasmine Lee, Yonglin Chen, Edo van Dijk

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