Ravel designs and implements corporate-startup innovation programs for progressive organisations.
 By combining organisational psychology, startup-driven methodologies, and a network of global startup talent and technologies, Ravel creates real impact for their clients, who in turn, go on to change the world.
Ravel is an evolution from Impact Hub Singapore, to its mature ecosystem of innovators at Found8. After the spin-out to solely focus on corporate innovation, Ravel combines the best of two worlds – technology and impact. 
Just Edo helped F8 Innovation to find a new brand positioning and coined the name ‘Ravel’; a contronym which means both ‘tangling’ and ‘untangling’. We recognised that innovation needs both – and chaos before order – to create sustained and meaningful impact; making Ravel the perfect name for the new entity. In the brand identity, the duality of ravelling-unravelling was our source of inspiration for both the symbol and the logo mark.
« We chose the name ‘Ravel’ because it is a word that contains opposite meanings – tangle and untangle – and we felt that it sums up the innovation journey in one word. There’s hardly any order without chaos, clarity without confusion. We understand that and we embrace both equally. We are thankful to have worked again with Edo and his team to successfully bring this new brand to life. »

Grace Sai, founder and CEO of Ravel Innovation
Design team: FangTing Zheng, Dawn Mok, Edo van Dijk

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