After some serious issues with mail deliveries in the fall and winter of 2018, Singapore Post launched a nationwide campaign called MyPostman in the course of 2019. The programme provides residents an additional channel to connect with SingPost in the event of a postal service issue. It also provides a platform for Singapore residents to identify and show appreciation to their postman.
As part of the campaign, close to 2 million sets of fridge magnets with QR-codes were distributed to every residential household and business unit across Singapore. Residents can access the website and key in their postal code to find out the postman serving their area. In addition, residents can also provide feedback, words of encouragement or rate the service they have received.
Public response to MyPostman has been extremely encouraging; residents are now approaching their postmen by name with words of appreciation, providing a much-needed morale boost and serving as a reminder that their work does not go unnoticed.
« What we hope this campaign does is to foster a spirit of community and to encourage residents to get to know their postman who provides this essential service, rain or shine. »

Vincent Phang, Chief Executive of Postal Services
Design team: FangTing Zheng, Dan Visel, Toby Gail Lim, Venus Loh, Edo van Dijk

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