We all need energy. Our economy, our wellbeing and our livelihood depend on it. But most energy is expensive and dirty; cheap, clean energy is still very difficult to get. Sosimple leads the shift to clean energy. Saving companies money, by selling them clean power in an effortless and hassle-free way. Helping to improve the world we live in, one roof at a time. 
We created the brand identity for Sosimple, helping them to make their ambition and vision tangible and make them stand out from their competitors in South Africa where Sosimple started their business towards the end of 2018.
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The name Sosimple was already chosen by the core team of the company when we started. It’s a good name, but it doesn’t say that it’s an energy company, it doesn’t indicate that it’s a proposition for businesses, and it doesn’t talk about the price point. So, we created an additional tagline to cover all this: ‘Cheap energy. Clean business.’
The new logo is based on a simple idea: the energy shift. A circle is split into two parts and these two parts are shifted so that together they form the letter ‘S’. Sosimple’s colour palette is based on sun (yellow), water & sky (blue) and biomass (green); the main sources of alternative energy.
The illustration style is a key ingredient of the brand identity

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Design & Development team: Yonglin Chen, Venus Loh, Elaine Choy, Dan Visel, Edo van Dijk

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