Tanglin Trust School is an innovative school based in Singapore providing British-based learning with an international perspective for students aged 3 to 18 from more than 50 nationalities.
To enrich the literary experience of the students and encourage them to read more and better books, Tanglin Trust School’s library department and Just Edo (previously Edenspiekermann Singapore) developed a microsite and a large scale poster helping students to discover new book titles based on selected topics or related book titles and authors. The reading lists are styled as a subway line network in an imaginary city. Each station represents a particular book to be read, while each subway line represents a particular grouping of books (often belonging to the same genre). Intersections of lines imply that the book belongs to more than one reading list.
The geography of the subway diagram is loosely based off the actual diagram of the Singapore subway system.
Design team: Dan Visel, Gracie Xia, Edo van Dijk

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